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The Breast Archives

How hard was it for the women to go topless while they spoke?
The participants knew beforehand that they would be asked to expose their breasts to the camera and answer interview questions revolving around their shame and wisdom in relation to their breasts. They chose to participate because they felt empowered to take part in what they knew to be a new and necessary conversation, and they understood that baring their breasts would contribute to the conversation. There were moments of nervousness as they removed their clothing, but these moments tended to be fleeting and were quickly replaced with feelings of generosity, authenticity, and dignified courage.
Once the breasts were revealed, the interviews shifted dramatically, becoming more profound and openhanded. Being topless gave the women a heightened awareness that was visibly transformative. As the women sorted through their experiences, feelings, and insights, their perspectives of themselves began to shift, and they became able to assimilate experiences that had previously been compartmentalized. As one said, “There are so many things that I haven’t really thought about concerning my breasts and their ability to open me up.”
I think that the act of removing their shirts gave these women an experience of integration. It wasn’t just about daring or boldness, but about asserting the right to claim and love their bodies and identities.

Meagan's Vision

I envision a world where people are tuned into profound inner knowing. An ancient consciousness, linking us to source, guides us, and earthen societies are calmed and healed. A feminine principal prevails, yet the paradigm is spiritual. Everyone is seen. Women’s breasts, once covered and hidden, are now a gentle source of spiritual guidance. Through our breasts, we connect with primeval methods of healing, spiritual helpers, the natural world, as well as signature, ancestral wisdom.

Our journey into this time of awakening has been thrilling and tumultuous, but also sorrowful. Many of our loved ones lost their way amidst the disorder, and for the men, the changes were particularly hard. Our sadness has not lingered however, because of our new embodied spirituality. It was the Crones who first heard the murmuring voices of the Breasts. The Breasts, they said, are a link to life-force. They gathered us together and asked us questions about our breasts, which stirred us. There was something to reclaim; an empowered feminine expression that we’d forgotten. It was then that many of us began to experience an integration -- of truth and mystery, of earth and spirit, and of male and female.

Forums for sharing grew and spread across the land. A simple inquiry had ignited world-wide breast consciousness! Wounds were uncovered and soothed and the release was exuberant. A tender self-love became possible for all. Some pilgrimaged to distant, temple sanctuaries. Others shared dreams. The stories kept coming, and there was a grand release as the pain was discharged.

Women began to bare our breasts and expose their hearts. So marvelous was the breeze and the sunshine! As we came to witness the sacredness of our bodies, deep bonds formed amidst the people. Our context for living had become spiritual. A new paradigm of leadership had emerged, taken root, and blossomed.

We feel gratitude for our Breasts. They are devoted sentinels of the heart, and generous links to life-force. Our breasts are earthy, and so dear.

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