When I was a kid, there was an entire wall made of corkboard in my bedroom and I filled it with art and photographs that I carefully arranged in sequences. I loved this repository of memories and ideas, and fine-tuning it was a favorite pastime. When I began to think about a career, I considered advertising because of my love of photography, but then I took a college journalism course and became captivated by the on-camera interview process. I’ll never forget it: we’d been instructed to obtain a man-on-the-street interview, so I signed out a video camera the size of a small suitcase and staggered toward the nearest boulevard. After spotting a coffee-truck merchant and getting his consent, I began conducting the interview. Initially our exchange was face to face, but the weight of the camera soon forced me to speak to my subject exclusively through the viewfinder. There was a momentary awkwardness, but then, as the man adjusted his attention from my face to the lens, I saw him from an utterly different perspective. Something expanded, and the depth and nuance of his presence took me by surprise. So did his responses to my questions, which flowed from him without pretense. It was as if the camera’s lens was a mirror and he was speaking to himself! I started working with the camera and interview process regularly after that experience.

Professional Video

More About Meagan Murphy

Meagan Murphy has worked in film and broadcast for 20+ years, including twelve years with WGBYH Educational Foundation, where she produced programs across a variety of genres, including documentary, health and public affairs. Meagan was recognized by Time, Inc. for her work in health & medical programming in 2000, received a Medical Journalism Fellowship from BC/BS in 2003, and earned a Communicator’s Award in 2008.

Her film repertoire includes Night Deposit, Fathers & Sons, Victor’s Big Score and The Breast Archives. In addition to earning a BS from Northeastern University in 1992,Meagan has received two certificates from the International Film and Television workshops in Maine, as well as certificates from a New England-based Women’s Mystery School, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and a 200 Hour Teacher Training certificate from Expressive Arts & Yoga through Northampton’s Embodiment Institute.

Meagan is an active member of the Easthampton Arts Council, and several industry organizations including Women in Film & Video and Independent Documentary Association, eWomen, and Women Business Owners Alliance.