February 2017

The dog arrived at precisely the appointed time.
Go and be with this family, the winged luminary had said. They’ll call you Ruby.
As we’ve discussed, the food they’ll give you will be revolting. Will be the terrified carcasses of our dearest and closest sisters and brothers. 
Flesh, Ruby thought. Well, I’ll be hungry and so I’ll eat it. 
I’ll eat it because this is how they’ll care for me, and caring is love. 
That’s what they say; it’s a critical exchange.
Not knowing where the food comes from is like a blindness for them, the hound, 
a classmate, had said. And Ruby had seen the winged luminary nod in agreement. 
It’s a cycle and a sacrifice and the path I’ve chosen, thought Ruby proudly. 
And she’d stepped through the oval ring and dropped into the 3rd dimension once again.