A Day of Sounds

Meow. Good morning, Jelami.

OK. The mixing session with Rikk on North King begins in two hours. Let's fire up this computer and analyze the final two chapters.  Tick Tick. Oh God. (Stress adrenaline.) OK done.  Now the upload will take at least an hour. Shit. 

OK, what to eat? Thank you for being so patient, Jelami. Yogurt will do. (Oh no. A smelly humidity lowers into my nostrils. The refrigerator has shut down again, second time since Saturday.) I’ll call Larry. No, I’ll call the appliance guy. OMG, OMG… Just eat. We’ll deal with this later.

A rain is falling and I'm out the door. 

Hi Rikk. Here’s the drive. Open the library called "Trinity" with today's date. I've changed the opening and cut down the timing of the transitions.

What do you mean you can't open Final Cut Pro at the same time as Pro Tool? What will our reference be? Oh boy, let's try this again…Is it possible to turn that air conditioner off? Ok, we’ll power down the system and hope the media reappears. No, that sounds wrong. Yes, that’s it. No, Something's still missing. Yes, No, No, Yes… What the hell was that? 

(Rikk wants a break and now I am out in the rain in search of some food; maybe sushi—) 

Yes Mr. Cooper. 4 pm. Yes I unplugged it; twice actually. Thank you. Hannah can you come 30 minutes later? This Mix has been hellacious. 

I like the smell of your stairs, Rikk. It's reminiscent of something from my past. You're the first person to say that! Ha! Ok, back the score up four seconds. There. No. Well maybe… 

We’ll need that single high string after she laughs. 

I agree Rikk, we're over the hump. I’ll come back tomorrow or Friday to pick up the original drive. Thank you. You're welcome. (We shake hands and look at one another.  His blue eyes are orbs: bulging, Scottish, above a wildly large chestnut beard. With glints of auburn. A quiet force, this man.) 


Hello Mr. Cooper. I hope you weren’t waiting too long. Oh, Thank God. Please come in and fix this fridge. 

Hi Hannah! Hi Jelami! 

It’s working? Wonderful? What do I owe you? Oh how very nice. Yes, I agree; this refrigerator is a mystery. 

Hannah. Hannah! Please look at the film's new open. How are you my dear? Thank God you’re here. Can you find it? Try to search for an Excel file? No, No, Yes! Great progress. Ok, see you next Thursday. 

Jelami come for dinner!

April 2017